Services for Immigrant Communities

  • explore immigrant and ethnic identity concerns
  • evaluations for immigrant petitions
  • specializing in services for the South Asian community

Couples Therapy

  • improve communication skills and boundary-setting
  • reduce and manage conflict effectively
  • increase ability to understand each other
  • explore sensitive issues
  • cope with family transitions
  • learn parenting skills

Individual Therapy

  • improve communication skills and boundary setting
  • explore relationship challenges
  • explore issues of divorce and separation   
  • cope with anxiety, depression, and mood concerns
  • develop tools for coping with trauma symptoms
  • improve self-esteem and body image
  • learn stress-management and relaxation techniques 
  • strengthen coping skills for grief, loss, and illness    
  • explore personal and spiritual growth

Creating a safe, open and compassionate space for all individuals ~ regardless of ethnicity, gender, economic status, disability, sexual identity, or religion.

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