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Leela and the Days of Rain

Read more about Leela and the Days of Rain.  A story of a young girl who moves and finds herself isolated and lonely. 

See how Leela finds hope once again.

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 Holistic  psychotherapy  services with an integrated mind-body approach in a safe

and comfortable environment. 





Immigrant  Concerns



Play Therapy  for Children   

Parenting Concerns

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"Helps children understand they are not alone and gives hope to brighter days.

A must resource for parents, educators, and counselors everywhere." - A.R., LPC, RPT-S

Rita Patel, LCSW, RPT, SEP provides a variety of services for children, adolescents, and adults. Her work focuses on empowering individuals and families to live with insight, balance, compassion, and joy. Rita helps individuals work towards wholeness and healing with a variety of methods and tools. Counseling sessions are available in person and online.

There are numerous benefits of counseling and psychotherapy including

  • learning to cope with anxiety and depression
  • healing from traumatic and stressful events
  • increasing self-esteem 
  • improving relationships
  • breaking generational patterns of abuse 
  • finding balance and much more

Creating a safe, open and compassionate space for all individuals  regardless of ethnicity, gender, economic status, disability, sexual identity, or religion.